Public Relations: A Competitive Essential

Public relations has a significant impact on your business. It determines the perceived value of your company, your products or services. It sets the level of talent you attract. It influences your sales and growth. It sends a message to investors.

Just what is public relations? It's a strategic form of communicating that is used to obtain positive exposure for your company and keep key publics informed. It's news releases, feature stories, interviews, industry analyst briefings, application stories, blogs, social media, speaking engagements, newsletters, websites, product launches, and events. It's also developing a key message that differentiates you from your competition and selecting which mix of tactics will get your message to the marketplace with the most impact.

Visibility or Obscurity

Today's successful companies make public relations a priority. In the competitive arena of high tech, rapid changes and increasingly complicated products with layers of distribution make effective public relations not only desirable, but essential. Target audiences must be kept well-informed. Whether selling direct, through distribution channels or via e-commerce, a successful high-tech company must achieve and maintain a strong market presence through a continuous and effective public relations program.

“The thought, dedication, and hands-on support that went into Lages' approach to promoting the inaugural LA Mobile Arts Festival helped put this international event on the map. We credit Lages for helping us spread the word.” 

Daria Polichetti, Producer of LA-MAF and Co-founder of