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Streaming Communications

In today's internet economy, ideas, images and stories have a decided impact on the perceived value of companies and products. With news and messages traveling at the speed of a connection, communication is instantaneous and around the clock. Today we have streaming communications that never stop.

Company-issued news reaches the world in a multitude of forms - as picked up by news outlets, as interpreted by analysts, as commentary by users in chat groups, as fuel for social networking threads, and as originally issued without filtering. Fundamental notions of value are shifting from tangible to intangible and public relations is a pivotal tool in shaping those values.

The key to communicating effectively today is segmentation - developing the right message for the audience at hand.

It's all about dialogue, not monologue.

It’s one-to-one communication in an internet-charged world where individual discussions become public forums.

It's all about demonstrating value, educating publics, establishing credibility and understanding the market landscape. That's why we analyze key industry factors and drivers prior to the development of a PR program. Strategic message development and positioning are combined to give each message the greatest possible impact.

“Lages has provided us with exceptional market research, access to top-tier media outlets and solid account management which has improved our launch experiences and bolstered media awareness quickly.”

Don Lewis, Marketing Director Americas, Paragon Software