Our communications programs are designed to give you a foundation for success. We frame the narrative, ignite conversations, build storylines, pulse the market and build brand reputations. Whether you’re a start-up or established enterprise - we can craft a program that is just right for you.


Our mantra sums it up:

Shaping perceptions and increasing market share through communications.

This translates to your success. We know once perceptions are on a positive track, awareness grows and market share is sure to follow.


“During the launch of Blossom, the Lages team proved to be exceptionally nimble and able to roll-out a full PR program in short order.  They were skilled at crafting a message that resonated with media and carried forward our brand, landing Blossom many impactful media hits. We were very pleased that Lages was more than just a PR partner – they were a capable marketing partner in all regards as well.”

Manrique Brenes, Founder and CEO, Blossom