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Social Media for B2B
Find out how businesses are using social media to capture and build relationships and revenue.

Newsletters Speak Volumes
Learn why this timeless marketing tool still works and get tips to ensure your newsletter is a springboard not a dead-end.

Feature Releases Pack a Punch
No hard news to report?  No problem: 6 steps revealed for building a powerful feature release.

Marketing Basics Drive Social Media
Fundamentals count when it comes to crafting a social media program.

The Power of Storytelling
Tell a story and you'll attract attention and interest. Use our checklist for story building to develop a memorable and repeatable story.

The Skinny on Trade Shows
Smaller and fewer trade shows mean greater opportunity for you to shine.

The 2009 Opportunity
2009 is a time of change and a time of opportunity. Check out the 4 factors that can make a difference.

Communicating with Investors in a Turbulent Market
Steady hands and cool heads prevail in times like these – take charge can communicate your value.

Going Global with International PR

When it comes to international PR, it is important to think local which means the country not the region.

The New Social Media
Social Media brings forth all the powerful aspects of word-of-mouth with the reach and speed of the Internet.

The Role of Blogs in Your PR Program
Blogs are a forum for journalists to voice their opinions and give their point-of-view. Make no mistake, the content of blogs is a true and unaltered reflection of the author of the blog.

Experts Sell
Contributed articles by their very nature are educational and provide a great forum to get your message across.

Leveraging Customer Goodwill
Third-party validation makes your story more compelling and more likely to be printed.

Unlocking the Influence of Analysts
Learn how you can make the most of your relationships with industry analysts.  Tap into their market intelligence on trends, issues and business development.

The Mighty News Release
Today, the simple news release works harder than ever, speaks to more audiences and has the capacity to carry a heavy load in terms of messaging and direct results.

7 Tips for Earning Significant Media Coverage
How can you move beyond simple product or service announcements and earn significant media coverage?

Putting the Balance Back into Your PR Program
Balance is the strategic outcome of a PR Program that incorporates time, recognition and influence into tactical initiatives

The Secret to a Successful PR Program
PR is a catalyst to create change between your company and the market.  You are the most important ingredient in your PR program.

What's Your PR Merchandising IQ?
In the case of PR, the desired result is to extend the impact and reach of your PR successes and thereby increase the value of your PR exponentially.

Common PR Myths
Good business PR is predicated on meaningful communications which is built on the fundamentals of education, perspective and information.

Shortening Your Sales Cycle with PR
“Insider” mediums are some of the most effective awareness building environments as you are relating to your target audience on their turf.

Marketing More than Products
The spokesperson with the clearest, most compelling message delivered to the right audience at the right time – wins.

We’ve turned to Lages to be our go-to-market launch partner. We’ve found the Lages team has the insight to understand the potential of our technology and the ability to communicate its value to both technical and general audiences while connecting us with influential insiders.

Paul Darbee, Founder and CEO, DarbeeVision