It’s been a while since we’ve all graced that hallowed ground of consumer technology – the Las Vegas Convention Center show floor – and it’s safe to say that the hustle and bustle that define the most influential tech event in the world has definitely been missed. Well – welcome back! This year’s show will be held in-person, with a digital event running in parallel. Are you ready for it?

It’s time to dust off that marketing mojo, and we’re just the team to help you do it. You need an exceptional PR and marketing partner to guide you through CES®, and Lages has been there and done that – over and over again. We have a full spectrum of tech experience working alongside everyone from startups to billion-dollar enterprises. Our years of experience will get you the media attention and analyst connections you are looking for.

Whether your CES 2022 experience will be in-person or online, there are just 72 days (and counting) to prepare.  As they say - there’s no time like the present.

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Fall is here and the weather is changing – that means the year will soon come to a close. There is no better time than now to reflect on the notable achievements of the year – and look to the new market opportunities that are to come in 2022.

It’s such an exciting time to be in technology! This past year, we witnessed historic space launches by not one, but two ambitious billionaires. We also saw AI take hold across a wide array of applications and blockchain continue to drive the Fintech revolution. Many of us worked from home in our virtual offices, launched products at digital events, and Zoom meetings continued to be a part of our daily lives.

No doubt you had your own big news and milestones in 2021. Now is the time to connect the dots and tell your reflection story. 

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We all love getting positive media coverage. It gives us a credible ‘thumbs-up’ and gets the word out about what we have to offer and how we make life better for our target audience.

But today, the breadth of publications has lessened as the publishing world continues to be transformed by...

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On the list of things that have the potential to frighten, CES – the biggest consumer tech tradeshow of the year – can rank right up there with the latest episode of American Horror Story for those of us in tech circles.

If the mere thought of Las Vegas in January makes your heart race and palms sweat, we’re here to put your fears to rest. You need an exceptional PR and marketing partner to guide you through CES, and we’re it. #TeamLages has been there and done that – over and over again. We have a full spectrum of tech experience working alongside everyone from startups to billion dollar enterprises. Our years of experience will get you the media attention and analyst connections you are looking for.

You have 82 days (and counting) to prepare – let’s get started, shall we?

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According to Curata, two of the three most effective types of video are tutorial videos (50%) and demonstration videos (49%). If you consider this along with the overwhelming number of stats that show the value of video marketing, then you may be able to convince your company to embrace video as a means for communicating with your target audiences.

In my last blog on this subject, we explored how important video marketing is. And I’d be willing to bet that video marketing is one of the first forms of communication that most companies ignore due to fears over costs, content and bandwidth.

Fear no more! You CAN take advantage of the many benefits of video marketing, and here’s how to get started.

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It’s a standard question we ask every new client: “Do you have any videos we can use?”

Surprisingly, the majority of our clients answer no. Why when video is so pervasive? Whether it’s a quick, 30-second video of a pair of shoes we’re tempted to buy or a video of our favorite professional athlete hitting a walk-off home run – it’s a fact that video touches us all on a daily basis.

What keeps you from adding video to your marketing mix? Likely the answer is time and budget. In fact, according to Buffer 73% of marketers said they’d create more video content if there were no obstacles like time, resources and budget. And, if it’s not time and budget then the other answer may be, “We’re too technical for video.”

Well, time and budget may continue to be an issue…but let’s explore “too technical” and why this should come off of your list of reasons NOT to shoot videos.

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It’s a simple truth: presentations are always about sales. Whether selling the potential of your company to get funding, selling a product, or selling a new approach and educating to enlist supporters – the list goes on. If you’re giving a presentation, you’re selling something. In fact, I’m confident that you’d be hard pressed to think of a situation where you’d give a presentation and not be selling something.

When it comes to sales, you have to put things in context. Just providing the facts and allowing your audience to interpret them as they will is equivalent to giving someone a dictionary citation and expecting them to immediately see how it would translate into a top-selling novel. The narrative is the context – this is where you connect the dots and show them the path to success. Naturally, all dots lead to your company, your product, your value proposition, your vision – you get my point. Context counts.

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An often overlooked but important element of social media marketing is the use of hashtags. However, randomly inserting them without a purpose won’t help your business – at best it is distracting and at worst it may cause confusion. In order to really benefit your brand, hashtags need to be used with a solid strategy in mind.

Using #hashtags is a great way to expand your brand’s reach and engagement – but how do you use them to optimize your social media posts? 

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Though the communications landscape has certainly shifted and evolved in recent years, we’re here to tell you that the press release is still alive and well – and a critical component of your marketing mix. From giving your company or product a boost in credibility to spreading the word about new offerings or positioning you as an industry expert – press releases have the power to persuade. But how much thought are you really putting into them? It takes careful planning to leverage their immense potential, while balancing the message and getting it packaged to meet your goals – and achieve maximum impact.

Let's get going - click below for tips to ensure your next press release truly delivers.

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So you want to be a thought leader? Sounds great! I mean, who doesn’t want to be seen as an expert in their field? But what does that really mean – and how does one actually get there?

Becoming the top-of-mind, go-to entity in your field of expertise doesn’t happen overnight. Attaining this status takes a carefully-planned, multi-pronged approach. But never fear, nothing is out of reach, and it’s not as complicated as it seems. We’re here to help.

Ready to start gaining some clout in your field? Keep reading.

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