Life as we know it changed on March 16th – for our agency that was the first day we went “remote.” Some companies had already started making the transition to WFH the week before and some were still a little behind. Either way, it was one of those moments in time that we will never forget – it will be etched in our brains forever – similar to who you were with or where you were when you heard about the 911 attacks. However, in this case what will stick in my mind is the fear and uncertainty that swirled in the air related to the health and well-being of my family, friends and co-workers along with the intense fear that my kids will be with me all day distance learning.

The first few weeks of this period were an incredible challenge as my younger son’s middle school struggled to figure out how to conduct school in a remote environment. My older son’s high school had the online learning infrastructure well in place so it was a simple transition for him. For me? The adjustment to WFH was pretty straightforward. Luckily, we had the remote access technology in place already so it was a smooth process.

The New Normal

Now that we are well into this “new normal” the biggest issue seems to be the uncertainty for what the future holds. There are so many questions. But pondering the questions makes me feel stress and anxiety so instead I’ll reflect on the last 6 weeks and a few things I’ve learned:

1) There is nothing in life more valuable than toilet paper.
2) My pre-COVID obsession with cleaning the tray table and arm rests on an airplane will no longer get me crazy looks from other passengers.
3) When wearing a face mask your nose will run and your glasses will fog – it’s just how it goes.
4) It turns out that video games are a blessing not a curse.
5) If it’s breakable, my boys will break it.
6) Video meetings can be done in pajama pants as long as your shirt is nice.

Life Lessons

Mind you, those are just a few little nuggets I’ve picked up along the way. But, more importantly I’ve learned some critical Life Lessons which I’ll share:

  • Embrace this family time – the craziness of normal life will be back before we know it.
  • In a time of crisis it’s truly magical watching family, friends and strangers come together to help and support each other.
  • Be thankful for your work family – they are exactly that: family.
  • Make your personal health and fitness a priority - it’s all we’ve got to fall back on and in a crisis like this we need our bodies to get us through the storm.
  • Find ways to release stress – go outdoors and walk, have a face time group chat with friends, distance yourself from the negative daily news.


No doubt it will be fascinating to watch how this all unfolds. I’m just thankful to be doing so with my family, my co-workers and the great Lages clients and partners that we work with everyday.