Fall is here and the weather is changing – that means the year will soon come to a close. There is no better time than now to reflect on the notable achievements of the year – and look to the new market opportunities that are to come in 2022.

Look Back

It’s such an exciting time to be in technology! This past year, we witnessed historic space launches by not one, but two ambitious billionaires. We also saw AI take hold across a wide array of applications and blockchain continue to drive the Fintech revolution. Many of us worked from home in our virtual offices, launched products at digital events, and Zoom meetings continued to be a part of our daily lives.

No doubt you had your own big news and milestones in 2021. Now is the time to connect the dots and tell your reflection story. Why rely on your followers to recount the high points of your year when you can neatly package it all into your own content? A year-end news release, blog or feature story are all great ways to ensure that the past isn’t forgotten. They’ll also serve as proof points as you move forward and log in new successes.

Move Forward

Now on to predictions! We are all eager to look to the New Year to see what unfolds. Predictions and forecasts of what is to come are a welcome part of year-end editorial stories in just about every outlet and genre. Media are seeking sources to support these stories, and they need experts (like you!) to point out which trends are on the horizon and how they will impact us all. 

Predicting trends is a great opportunity to position you and your company within the ranks of thought leaders who are defining the future. These conversations will happen – now it’s up to you to make your voice be heard.

Here’s how to get started:

    1. Reflections: Take stock of your accomplishments. Review your 2021 announcements and assess what story they tell. Are there important milestones, customers, patents, or other events that are missing? Did you gain market insights from new betas or customer experiences and alter your course? Surely, there is an important story there that should go on record to recap the year. As they say, perception is reality. Define your reality.
    2. Predictions: Note the trends and issues that have shaped your progress. No man is an island. We operate as interconnected waves and react to the push and pull of the tides. What wave are you riding? AI, edge computing, IoT, 5G, quantum computing? Energy conservation, self-driving cars, intelligent devices, AR/VR? You get the idea. These are the things of visions and possibilities. These are the things that build your story and get mindshare. 
    3. Share: Spread the word! Now that you’ve done the ground work for reflections and predictions, it’s time to package and share. The results of steps one and two will reveal the content of your story. The next step is to decide how that content should be shared – and with whom. Want to go on public record? Then a news release is the ticket. If your story needs a more personal touch, then by all means blog about it. Don’t forget to join in the conversation and make your insights available to media and industry analysts. There are so many ways to spread the word, but this will get you started. 


If you have reflections and predictions that you want to share, we can help. Shoot me a note at beverly@lages.com – and let’s brainstorm together.