CES 2018 is nipping at our heels – it’s only 10 weeks away. That means we’ve entered a critical time in planning the PR for your trade show presence. If you're looking for a great PR and marketing partner to guide you through CES, you can't beat Lages. We have a full spectrum of tech experience working alongside everyone from startups to billion dollar enterprises. Our years of experience will get you the media attention and analyst connections you are looking for. Leave it to Lages to make you the talk of the show!

Here, we’re outlining all the elements you'll need to make CES a success.

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Think about your favorite media outlets. You know, the ones that show up at the top of your Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter feeds every day. Now, picture them wanting to talk to you about your latest product launch/upgrade/channel partnership, etc. This is no pipe dream scenario – the right PR and marketing communications tactics will make this a reality. Are you ready? What will you say? Does the thought of connecting one-on-one with influential reporters and editors strike a bit of fear in you? Fear not.

We’re about to give you 5 tips to make your media interviews a breeze – and ensure that your message resonates. 

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Fall is here and the weather is changing – that means the year will soon come to a close. What better time than now to reflect on the notable achievements of the year – and look to the new market opportunities that are to come in 2018?

It’s such an exciting time to be in technology! This past year we saw adoption of smart home gadgets skyrocket, machine learning and virtual assistants go mainstream, automated cars began to share our roads with us, the sharing economy made many things ‘on-demand,’ and more.

No doubt you had your own big news and milestones in 2017. Now is the time to connect the dots, and tell your reflection story. 

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