In Their Own Words

"Lages was our PR agency for 5 years and played an essential role in helping us transition from a hardware company to a trusted provider of complete storage solutions. They were instrumental in driving communications strategies and product launches across multiple segments and business units, as well as supporting trade shows and establishing strong media and analyst relations. Based in Taiwan with sales and marketing coverage in the U.S. and worldwide, we needed a firm that could elevate our presence in North America and become an extension of our corporate PR and marketing efforts. Lages provided that and more...and delivered remarkable results."
Ya-Ping Hsu, Director, PR & Corporate Marketing Department, Promise Technology

“During the launch of Blossom, the Lages team proved to be exceptionally nimble and able to roll-out a full PR program in short order. They were skilled at crafting a message that resonated with media and carried forward our brand, landing Blossom many impactful media hits. We were very pleased that Lages was more than just a PR partner – they were a capable marketing partner in all regards as well.”
Manrique Brenes, Founder and CEO, Blossom

"As Promise Technology’s trusted PR partner for more than 3 years, Lages had deep knowledge of the company’s history, reputation, goals and product roadmap. As we moved to launch our first consumer storage product, the Apollo Cloud, their proven track record and established relationships in the consumer tech space ensured that our product received optimal exposure. They represented us at a CES media event, which was a great asset – and without them, we would not have seen the amount of foot traffic to our booth or media interest that we did. They also successfully landed top tier reviews and worked with the reviewers to ensure Apollo was positioned on point.  The bottom line – the Lages team worked closely with us each step of the way, from messaging to media relations, and delivered great results."
Justin Cleveland, Director of Business Development – IoT, Promise Technology 

"While our Kickstarter campaign for our revolutionary nano drone technology received very positive initial response, we still had additional goals.  Being a UK company, we wanted to greatly expand our presence in the U.S. and make a big push leading up to and during the massive Consumer Electronics Show. Lages helped us achieve these goals with an absolutely stellar PR campaign that produced amazing response and exposure at CES and in the weeks following. By the time our Kickstarter campaign was complete, we had raised more than 18 times our goal. We couldn’t be happier with the results generated by the Lages team."
Reece Crowther, Marketing Director, Torquing Group

“We enlisted Lages to help raise our brand’s visibility in vertical markets such as beverage and retail, and we were especially pleased with the results. For a brand, differentiation is crucial, and Lages was able to identify targeted media opportunities that would raise our profile. The Lages team was able to position us as an innovator in our field with a product that gave retailers and brands a voice – and we couldn’t have asked for a better partner.”
Dilip Daswani, CEO, Qliktag

“The recent product launch we collaborated with Lages on has created a lot of momentum for us. We have received quality leads from all over the world.  In fact, we are converting these leads into customers with quotes and sample orders. My thanks to Team Lages for all of their great efforts in reaching out to the correct media platforms and helping gain visibility for gridComm.”
TL Nge, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, gridComm

“When I was appointed CEO of TransDimension, I was chartered with leading the company's next phase of domestic and international growth for embedded, interconnectivity in the consumer electronics, computer peripheral and mobile device marketplace. Lages was both a responsive and strategic partner, able to grasp our future vision and deploy a set of communications and PR tactics that really made a difference in our business direction. Lages packaged our story in a compelling fashion and used thought leadership as a means to elevate our visibility in the business community, landing us great media coverage and fostering solid analyst and customer relations. When it comes to PR, Lages delivers.”
Rick Goerner, Senior VP Marketing and Sales, Quartics

“The storage and channel expertise that Lages brings to the table was a key factor in our selection of them as our communications partner.  Having achieved great results in these specialized areas of focus speaks volumes about Lages’ ability to help us achieve our goals. Additionally, Lages has successfully expanded the North American presence of other companies based in Taiwan, and understands the intricacies involved in doing business and gaining recognition in the international marketplace.”
Lily Louie, Marketing Director, Infortrend

“We’ve turned to Lages to be our go-to-market launch partner. We’ve found the Lages team has the insight to understand the potential of our technology and the ability to communicate its value to both technical and general audiences while connecting us with influential insiders.”
Paul Darbee, Founder & CEO, DarbeeVision

“We engaged Lages to help us create a new brand image.  They were able to transform our identity into a fresh look that preserved our history yet brought us forward with a current image. The Lages team has been instrumental in helping us to clearly define who we are and how we want to be known in the industry. If you’re looking for creativity and a results-oriented team then you should look at Lages.”
Martha Daniel, President & CEO, IMRI

“As a small but ambitious company, Flexstar set out to revitalize our image and reach out to our customers and potential customers. Lages worked with us to engage with industry analysts and media to position us clearly as the industry leaders that we are. They helped us to grow mind-share and business.”
Anthony Lavia, Ph.D., President & CEO, Flexstar Technology

“We needed to generate visibility in a very short period of time and Lages was able to quickly understand our technology story and take that story to the press where they landed coverage for us in just the right media.”
Anurag Bist, CEO, Moxair

“Lages was a great pick for DB Technology. Their ability to embrace our goals and articulate our message with clarity and impact is second to none. I’ve found them to be extremely responsive and great partners to work with and ones that I trust to work with my customers to secure testimonials and case studies.”
Rod Neaveill, Director of Marketing, DB Technology

“The Lages team consistently provides high quality work and great results, which is why I am a repeat client. They hit the ground running and launched a PR program that achieved significant media results and analyst relationships in the first six months. Lages is a trusted partner and an essential component of my strategic marketing team.”
Ryan Malone, VP of Marketing and Business Development, Apani

“Launching new software products for the SMB market and a new U.S.-based VAR channel at the same time is a challenging proposition for any company. Paragon needed a reputable and result-oriented firm to guide our public and media relations for both activities. Lages has provided us with exceptional market research, access to top tier media outlets and solid account management which has improved our launch experiences and bolstered media awareness quickly. We could not have achieved these results by doing it alone.”
Don Lewis, Director of Marketing - Americas, Paragon Software

“We hired Lages when we were just starting out. I have no doubt that their ability to help get our message out has been a significant factor in the growth of our company.” 
Shan Haq, Vice President, Transcepta

“In my capacity as a founder of several different start-up companies, I have been a repeat client of Lages for many years.  The Lages team is always a quick study and immediately adds value by matching emerging technologies to market trends.  They are also masterful at forging influential relationships with top analysts and media, making the right connections that lead to results.”
Chuck Cortright, CEO, Zetera

“Lages is a team of experienced, enthusiastic public relations practitioners that have helped us to increase our visibility with the media and within our member community and prospects. We rely on Lages to interact with our partners and member companies on a regular basis and in doing so, they present themselves professionally and get the job done quickly and efficiently.”
Marla Briscoe, Vice President, AGMA

"We selected Lages because they offered us a seasoned team of PR professionals that could help us launch our new Integrated Learning program.  We appreciate working with this team and will continue to tap into their resources as they have provided solid counsel, quick turn-around and a results-oriented program."
Chuck Lennon, VP of Marketing, New Horizons Computer Learning Centers

“We've worked with many PR firms and we have found Lages to far exceed our expectations.  This is a group who really digs deep, develops clear strategy and aggressively pursues and lands coverage in top tier publications.”
Denny Michael, VP of Marketing, AVST

“Lages has consistently delivered outstanding results for us. They put together a media program that delivered and exceeded all expectations, gaining us exposure in mainstream consumer, channel, IT and technology media. I was amazed at how quickly they were able to establish our relatively unknown brand with some of the most influential analysts in the country. Their counsel and ability to interpret our story for a diverse set of audiences sets them apart – Lages is truly an exceptional PR firm.”
Tom Fedro, Vice President of Marketing, FarStone

“Lages has a knack for both strategy and execution and has produced incredible ROI through a successful PR program that landed us consistent coverage month after month.”
Munira Brooks, Senior VP of Sales, Marketing and Business Development, ZyXEL Communications

“Over a very short period of time, Lages was able to craft a PR program that got results with a story that resonated with our market. By matching our messaging to the right contacts, Lages has secured top-tier contributed articles with a variety of electronics publications and has introduced us to influential industry analysts.”
Mike Holt, CEO, XID

“Lages has developed a seamless relationship with Bell Micro where the agency operates as an extension of our marketing group.  We often have initiatives that require immediate PR attention and have found Lages extremely responsive. Their broad technology knowledge and ability to build positive relationships with our partners has been an important asset, not to mention their ability to foster strong media and industry analyst relationships on our behalf.”
Merle McIntosh, Marketing, Bell Microproducts

“Lages impressed us with a well-rounded program and provided us with excellent advice and coaching - they were a true partner.”
Pete Todd, VP Worldwide Sales, Oxford Semiconductor and TransDimension

“Lages brings an incredible ‘can-do’ attitude to the table and has put us on the radar screen, significantly strengthening our company's stature in the industry.”
David Murray, VP of Marketing, TransDimension

"Lages demonstrated a high level of strategic thinking and firmly grasped the nuances of our markets to develop and implement a strong product-centric public relations initiative that reached our key audiences in both the storage arena and the general IT industry.”
Norm Williams, VP of Marketing, CMS Peripherals

“Lages, which has been eFORCE's PR firm from day one, has performed admirably for eFORCE, helping us get the kind of publicity that much larger competitors aspire to.”
John Hitchcock, VP of Marketing, eFORCE

“We have been a longtime client of Lages and over the years they have demonstrated their versatility, resourcefulness and integrity.  I know I can always count on Lages to deliver valid counsel and strong results.”
Andy Chang, VP of Marketing, SOHOware

“Lages was a long term partner of Printrak and demonstrated time and time again their ability to grasp our business goals and understand the nuances of our markets which enabled them to develop a high-impact public relations program that resulted in our story being effectively delivered to our target audiences.”
Dan Driscoll, President, Printrak International

“The folks at Lages have a unique combination of enthusiasm and expertise and we have found their support invaluable to our efforts for AeA in Orange County.”
Phil Beaudoin, Executive Director, AeA Orange County Council

“The Lages team was instrumental in launching my company which was aimed at productizing USB for the masses. The goal was to achieve widespread awareness and accolades to position the company for IPO or acquisition in 18 months or less. Lages came through with flying colors and was there every step of the way.”
Eric Seedman, President, Entrega Technologies

“At Rorke Data we’re on the fast track and we have found that Lages was more than able to keep pace with us and they know just how to add value in short order. From industry analysts to media to news releases and full product launches, they’ve proved to be an exceptional partner.”
Joe Swanson, President, Rorke Data

“I was impressed with Lages’ ability to grasp technology concepts and translate those concepts into compelling storylines. They offer any company a true strategic advantage.”
Mike Neshat, CEO & President, RFaxis