Meet Kerry Fedro

A proven technology communicator, Kerry joined Lages in 2000 and earned her role as Vice President and Managing Director. Her ability to develop winning strategies and blend them with solid program management while inspiring both Lages team members and clients, truly sets her apart.

What’s your background?
My high tech career began in 1990 in the cellular industry – a booming industry at the time and I had the good fortune to work for Craig McCaw at McCaw Communications in Denver. If you know the wireless industry, you know that Craig McCaw was THE pioneer in the industry. I kept my roots firmly planted in wireless for 10 years before joining Lages. After McCaw, which eventually became AT&T Wireless, I decided to try my hand at software and moved to a company called Coral Systems, which developed the wireless industry’s most popular cellular fraud detection system – I was the Product Manager for that product line.  My career aspirations then led me to sunny Southern California where I quickly became accustomed to sunshine and palm trees and figured I could always watch the Broncos on TV!  When I relocated to the OC I stayed in the software game as well as Product Management and Product Marketing and did so for a company named SCI, which was eventually acquired by Corsair Communications, another market leader in cellular fraud detection. 

What attracted you to Lages?
Have you ever felt you needed a change?  I certainly got that bug in 2000 and found myself looking for the next challenge. The early days of my career took me to countries and cities all over the world – Columbia, Venezuela, Philippines, France, UK, Mexico City – and I had lots of great successes but I felt tunnel vision on whatever product I was working on at any given time. Beverly and I were introduced by a mutual acquaintance that thought we would make a great team – and they were right!  At Lages I found a home where I was able to put my technology experience to work for a variety of high tech companies.  And to Lages I brought a great deal of management experience and because my entire career was in corporate I carried forward the true perspective of our clients…if you haven’t been on that side of the desk it’s hard to understand the real issues that face clients every day.  

What makes Lages different?
We are not your typical agency – Beverly and I both began our careers at corporate, which brings a different perspective to the way we run our programs. We have high expectations of our staff and demand results from every program, therefore we keep the size of our agency at a level that enables us to be actively involved in every account – and by actively involved I mean hands-on!  All of our clients are references – they stay with us year after year and take us with them when they move on to new opportunities. When joining our team, staff members are assured that Lages is a place they can call home with lots of opportunities for growth and a management team that works hard to get the best out of everyone with lots of fun along the way.

What’s the key to a successful PR Program?
That’s easy – executive participation. It’s as simple as that. No successful PR program was ever achieved without commitment from executive management.  It’s the difference between a product launch that touches on features and functionally or a product launch that hits features and functionality and includes industry issues, corporate positioning and competitive differentiation. Why would we expect anyone to care about features if they don’t understand the market need?  With true executive commitment and participation we are armed with exactly what it takes to position clients against the competition, customize media pitches, leverage industry issues, write solid news releases, identify industry influencers, and position YOU as an industry thought leader.