Meet Beverly Lages


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In 1988, Beverly founded Lages & Associates. Over the years, she has built the agency based upon solid marketing principles which calls for a deep understanding of the market environment and the technology at-hand. Her expertise in public relations program development is grounded in practical experience in marketing high technology products and services for many years.

What's your background and how did you get involved in high-tech?
My career began in Silicon Valley where I started in what was to become my career industry – high technology.  My first job was stuffing circuit boards at a company in Silicon Valley called Systems Industries. From that "in the trenches" beginning, I moved to configuration control in engineering services to marketing communications at one of the Valley's hottest companies at the time, Tandem Computers. I stayed at Tandem for four years, then relocated to Southern California to work for a number of start-up companies. Once I realized the tremendous value and impact PR had on these start-up companies, I too, got the entrepreneurial bug and launched my own venture where I could recruit a crew of top-notch talent to work with me in providing the PR edge to all sorts of high-tech companies.

Your agency is noted as providing PR for emerging companies, products and markets. But my company is nearly 10 years old. Is Lages really right for me?
Okay. So, you're saying you're not "emerging" and your company is well beyond the start-up phase. We may not be right for your company if you are operating in a mature market phase and seeking to simply maintain market share. However, if you are creating new products and services, and looking to open up entirely new markets, then we are well-suited to deploy the appropriate PR programs. Some of our most entrepreneurial clients, who are pushing new boundaries, have been in business a long time. The term "emerging" is more of a commentary on the innovative spirit of a company rather than the length of time in business.

What's so cool about Lages?
We do great PR work for some of the high-tech industry's most interesting and innovative companies. We are so focused on doing what we do best and that acts as a magnet, drawing other like companies to our door. We really excel at partnering with companies that are forging entirely new applications in new markets. Evangelizing the new and unknown is what drives us and keeps us going. And we consider that pretty cool.

What types of products do you promote?
If it’s a technology product, service or solution we’ve done it.  From enterprise software, consumer electronics and storage technologies to semiconductor, hardware, network technology, eCommerce, security,  and wireless innovations we're the agency of record for those who choose to embark on the "road of challenge." It's much like the road to Hana on Maui -- treacherous, full of obstacles, winding -- it's uphill all the way. But once you get there, it’s full of beauty and rewards.

What about corporate PR or non-product oriented PR?
We’re very good at promoting companies and bringing forth the value they offer to the marketplace. When we look at a corporate PR program we often focus on the founder and leadership behind the company to bring forward the personalities. Financial success, technology contributions and market-building successes are core elements to a good corporate PR program. The communications elements are the same as product PR, except in this case, the company is the ‘product.’ Issues-based PR is another specialty of ours where we are advocating new approaches or views on industry conduct or standards. Basically we are seeking to change opinions and encouraging a new mindset that will lead to new outcomes that are sought by our clients. Every client can benefit from some issues-based PR.